Matlab rant

What the fuck is the difference between an array and a matrix anyway?

And why do they insist on using drivers for hardware made by companies like Microsoft, that intentionally limit the use of said drivers to their crock of shite operating system?!

I’m doing some work with an Xbox Kinect at the moment.

Basically, I had to faff about trying to get a license (legitimately of course) for their image acquisition toolbox, only to find out that the tool box will only use Microsoft’s own Kinect drivers…. Great, that means I have to develop on Matlab for windows. Triffic. Not only this, but these particular drivers will only work on the Kinect for Windows, which is EXACTLY the fucking same as an Xbox kinect but costs twice as much. WTF.

Having to develop on windows might not seem to bad, especially if you’re one of those windows loving retards out there, but it’s actually quite limiting. The algorithms i’m in the process of writing eventually need to be able to run on a very low power embedded computer, and if Matlab can only use a microsoft driver that only works with windows (Even if i was able to port it to another OS i doubt matlab would use it) then i’m limited to only being able to use SBC’s/SoM’s that use an X86/X64 architecture. Which i’d say cuts out about 70% of the market. Not only that, but the closed nature of microsoft makes it really hard to find help when you’re stuck with a problem, thats one reason developers use linux! All be it a minor reason.

So yeah, if you disagree with what i’ve written then i fully respect you’re opinion, even if it is completely wrong and you’re talking out of you’re ass.


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