I got some cool shit in the post today!

So today my order from Proto-Pic came!

I’ve finally got a Bus pirate. I’ve wanted one for a while but could never really justify it. It’s like the swiss army knife of electronics prototyping / debugging equipment. And by that I mean you can get along fine without it, but as soon as you have it in your pocket you’ll find something productive to do with it.

I’ve been using a PicKit serial analyser from Microchip for a about 2 years, I use the word ‘using’ loosely because in actual fact i’ve used it in maybe 4 projects? To be fair to microchip, it was kinda helpful debugging the brain fart moments that engineering seems to made up of so much, but the GUI only works in windows so that pretty much means it could shit gold and it’d still only get a 6/10 from me. (Fair one on no OSX support, but linux, cmon fellas!)
Also it just wasn’t that user friendly. At all. A good analogy would be like programming a PIC in assembly vs programming it in C… You’re both going to get somewhere, but one is going to be there at lot faster with considerably lower blood pressure.

I’ll see how it goes anyway, got the V3.6 as V4 isn’t as well supported and doesn’t do anything extra i’m interested in.

Got some probing leads with it that probably make me look as if i know what i’m doing.

A few proto capes for my beagle bone came along with some SPI based FRAM, and some wifi usb adapters that have linux kernel 3.8 support, one for the beagle and one for an embedded super duper 3D scanning bad mother fucker industrial robotic arm controller.

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