Comments in code people!

Love it when people publish code without any comments. it’s like translating a text written in a language you don’t speak with a dictionary. I know what each command does but following the overall process is frustratingly difficult.

Working on rigid spacial transformation at the moment, and it’s been quite a while since i did any proper mathematics purely on matrices (probably should have paid attention during the 3 years of intensive engineering maths rather than mugging it off till revision time perhaps).

The principle is simple enough but as with anything envolving a matrix, it’s soooooo easy to make a mistake, even when you’re using something like Matlab to handle everything.

It’s also quite difficult when then answer is in a format you don’t understand. Hard to tell if it’s correct or not.

I thought i’d look at other peoples code to see how they’ve done it….. see first paragraph.


Extortionate prices for software

MacPaw create some great software, clean my mac is amazing, but it’s not worth £35. Not by a long shot.

I can’t help but think if companies like this didn’t charge ridiculous prices for their software, people would be much more willing to purchase it rather than just spend 5 mins looking for a cracked version.

cleanmymac for instance, i’d be more than willing to pay say £5 for it. But £35? Fuck right off. Keygen found for free.

The same goes for Microsoft too, I do my best to avoid their software, but when i absolutely have too, i’m not paying those prices when i can get a cracked version for free. Or just use Dreamspark.

I disagree with Bill Gates’ politics anyway – that’s not the reason I religiously use OSX, it’s just a happy coincidence.

Food for thought.