Extortionate prices for software

MacPaw create some great software, clean my mac is amazing, but it’s not worth £35. Not by a long shot.

I can’t help but think if companies like this didn’t charge ridiculous prices for their software, people would be much more willing to purchase it rather than just spend 5 mins looking for a cracked version.

cleanmymac for instance, i’d be more than willing to pay say £5 for it. But £35? Fuck right off. Keygen found for free.

The same goes for Microsoft too, I do my best to avoid their software, but when i absolutely have too, i’m not paying those prices when i can get a cracked version for free. Or just use Dreamspark.

I disagree with Bill Gates’ politics anyway – that’s not the reason I religiously use OSX, it’s just a happy coincidence.

Food for thought.


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