Comments in code people!

Love it when people publish code without any comments. it’s like translating a text written in a language you don’t speak with a dictionary. I know what each command does but following the overall process is frustratingly difficult.

Working on rigid spacial transformation at the moment, and it’s been quite a while since i did any proper mathematics purely on matrices (probably should have paid attention during the 3 years of intensive engineering maths rather than mugging it off till revision time perhaps).

The principle is simple enough but as with anything envolving a matrix, it’s soooooo easy to make a mistake, even when you’re using something like Matlab to handle everything.

It’s also quite difficult when then answer is in a format you don’t understand. Hard to tell if it’s correct or not.

I thought i’d look at other peoples code to see how they’ve done it….. see first paragraph.


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