I’m a Postgrad Student in the field of Robotics.

I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Undergraduate level – although i made a point of having as little to do with power electronics as possible – because it’s gash.

I try to work as much in embedded systems design as possible, my current research is based around 3D scanning techniques for autonomous robotics.

In my time as an undergraduate I learnt a lot about using various systems to achieve engineering goals, from the really nitty gritty such as Microchip C18 compilers to the nice environment that is the Mbed cloud based IDE or the Arduino IDE. I’ve worked with Raspberry pi’s and consider them to be massively over rated (their potential is more in inspiration rather than actually doing) Beaglebone’s, and developed software on X86 and X64 based System on Modules / Single Board Computers.

I’m a self confessed Apple Fanboy – Because i want my computer to actually work. I do use Linux sometimes on low power embedded computers, and try to avoid using windows as much as possible. Although that is proving difficult at the minute.

Everyone starts somewhere. I found it really difficult to find helpful information on how to use the SPI on the Beaglebone with C/C++ for instance. Hence the Blog – i’m going to try and post about the things iv’e learnt how to do in the hopes that the next person will have an easier time of it!

I’m being intentionally vague about who I am incase you were wondering, as much as I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, i’d like to be able to express myself how I see fit without the drama of having to tell the thought police at work / university to fuck off. Much in the same way that a white trash whore would deliberately change her facebook name before going to a job interview, except i’m contributing something to society.

I picked “Domino” because I happened to be looking at one when I thought I should start a blog.

I have a day job (postgrad student) – not really a job but I get paid all the same, and a night job, so sorry if it takes me a while to set everything up!

If you have any questions and think I can be of help please email me! It can be really rewarding to help someone get the hang of something.
However, if you want to rip my work off without crediting me then you can sincerely get fucked. The same goes if you email me in broken english asking “cn i hve source code pls” like i see so much in youtube videos.




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